Laser Pain Therapy

Everyone suffered from body pain time to time. Sometimes the pain lasts a longer period of time and that’s called Chronic Pain. It may affect both men and women. This type of pain can be exhausted physically and emotionally. This type of pain can be treated by Fotona, an advanced technology. No medications are needed for this treatment. How Fotona works? Heat is applied into the muscle tissues and skin, allowing the lymphatic fluid to flow easier.

How many treatments are needed? A course of 6-8 treatment, 2 treatments per week for optimal results. Recommended for:

Fotona is fast, safe & effective. Plus, no medication is needed.

Fotona works by delivering heat deep into the tissues while keeping the surface of the skin safe and cool. The heat stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation of the affected area which can decrease the severity of pain and tension experienced by the patient. Treatments are performed by certified laser technicians, twice per week for four weeks. The Fotona SP Dynamis laser allows our experienced staff to ensure the proper temperature and depth is reached for maximum efficacy. The treatments are very comfortable and many patients enjoy the procedure. Follow up treatments may be required.

Painful woman awakening and feeling back pain