Say goodbye to stubble and dark shave shadows, and say hello to smoother, sexier skin. Whether you come in for an eyebrow, leg, or bikini wax, your confidence will soar to new heights. You can put your best self forward in the bedroom or in the boardroom.

Our customers have even described services like our Brazilian wax as a life altering experience. There is an attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that enhances all aspects of your life.

Types of Waxing

High Bikini Wax

Let’s bring some sexy to the bedroom or at the beach! We take off a little more off the top than a traditional bikini so there will be NO bikini hair mishaps.

Brazillian Wax

Get completely smooth with everything off from front to back including labia and in-between. If you’d prefer to get creative, you can have a little something shaped into a design all your own! Choose from a range of styles on our menu.

Bikini Wax

Tidy up the bikini line with this easy and fast wax. Hair is removed at the sides of the panty line, and a little off the top to make it look bikini line perfect!