What Is BodyFx Treatment?

BodyFX is a long-lasting, non-invasive solution ton reduce the appearance of those stubborn stored fat deposits like love handles and the dreaded muffin top, and can also reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. 

How the Body FX treatment works? 

BodyFX is the first and only non-invasive body contouring and cellulite technology proven in per reviewed and published human studies to both permanently destroy body fat and contract the skin. Body FX addresses problematic fatty tissue in larger body areas such as the abdomen, back (Flanks) and thighs. Body FX works by using different clinically proven methods including radio-frequency energy and negative pressure applied to the skin and underlying fat. 

Radio-frequency provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for tightening and body shaping. Vacuum massage applies gentle pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment. Body FX A.C.E technology works together with the above to optimize ideal heating conditions for a safe and effective treatment.  

What should I expect during treatment?

During treatment, you can expect a warming of your skin and gentle pulling sensation as the radio-frequency and vacuum work to smooth out unwanted stubborn pockets of fat, and release fat content into your body from the specific areas treated. To help flush those fat calories out of your system and avoid having them settle elsewhere, refrain from eating for two hours before and two hours after each treatment, and drink plenty of water on the day of your treatment.